Net Worth 2015-08

Total Net Worth in August: $318,899 (+$307)

Not much to the positive side of things, but we were up, so I suppose there is something to celebrate.

We continued with real traction on the 401K loan (+4,846), and we are hoping to have it paid off by November October.

It is amazing how when you focus in on a goal, and track that goal how much progress you can achieve.

Assets: ($0)

Since we are taking a conservative view of property price appreciation, we made no changes to the listed values of our real estate.

In addition we used the same KBB values on our vehicles.

Net Cash Accounts: (+$83)

This section contains the balances of all of our cash accounts outside of our rental property.  Emergency funds, banking, savings accounts, HSA, FSA and credit cards. We pay the credit cards off in full every month, but the balances obviously change from month to month.

Our credit card balances remained almost flat to last month.  The cash accounts were down slightly as we made payments to our credit cards and 401K loan offset by increases to our HSA account.

I doubt this section moves much over the next few months as we hope to put all excess cash towards the 401K loan.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: (+$1,642)

We finally made some headway in this account.  We collected the Aug rent on time (on 8/1), that hadn’t been collected when the July report was posted to this blog. We received both rent checks for Sept and paid off the credit card that is used for rental expenses.

This was offset by an update I did to the liability we have booked for damage deposits.  Previously we recognized an amount for our prior tenants and the new amount (-$425) better reflects the status of our current leases. This was just an accounting change in Quicken for the sake of accuracy in our net worth calculation.

In August,  we renewed one of our tenants for an additional 19 months.  The lease was originally to come due in the fall, and we have now extended it for a little over a year and a half with a slight monthly increase in rent.

It is more difficult to get tenants in the fall/winter, so we did a longer lease at a slightly under market rent to help keep low maintenance tenants who pay on time.  We avoid any vacancies, lock in good tenants, and we move the termination of the lease to the Spring when more people are looking to rent.

Retirement accounts: (-$6,975)

OK, it was a tough month in the markets.

The loan repayments helped our 401K account grow (+$1,200), but overall our investment accounts were down.

During the month we used some cash we had on the sidelines to move into the markets.  We added to positions in Apple, Kinder Morgan, Disney.  In addition we moved some money into our 401K’s various Vanguard index funds.

This market is rough right now, but I think there are some bargains out there, and we continue to put additional cash to work over the next few weeks, especially if the market drops some more.

Liabilities: (+$5,533)

We paid down $4,886 on our 401K loan. I am hoping we can have this paid off in Oct. or Nov.   We are a little ahead of where I thought we would be in paying off this loan. Hopefully we can stay that way.

The pay-down on our mortgages will continue to be about $700/month over the course of the year.

Thanks for reading, how did you do this month?