Net Worth 2015-10

Total Net Worth in October: $317,286 (-$2,855)

Not a great month, we ended up in the red.  We has some car repairs, we spent some money for a closing that should happen the first week of Nov, and we even had a little bad luck in the markets.

Assets: ($0)

No change this month.

We are taking a conservative view of property price appreciation, we made no changes to the listed values of our real estate.  Compared to what we are showing in our net worth calculation, we may have another $20-30K in equity on our rental, and I suspect our house has gone up $10-15K in value from when we bought it.

In addition we used the same KBB values on our vehicles as last month.

Net Cash Accounts: (+$22,629)

This section contains the balances of all of our cash accounts outside of our rental property.  Emergency funds, banking, savings accounts, HSA, FSA and credit cards. We pay the credit cards off in full every month, but the balances obviously change from month to month.

Our cash balance is way up this month, we took out a 401K loan to go to purchasing our new house (+20K) and the closing is now supposed to happen the first week of November.  In addition, we also have put aside some money to do repairs and make some minor renovations to the new place.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: (+$2,230)

Cash for our rentals was up this month.  We collected our Oct rents, (we got both on the first of Oct), and we have collected one of our two Nov rents.  I expect the second one will come in the mail on Monday.

We had a bill for pest control (and paid for a prior month treatment), we changed out a door lock, did some door repair, and had our normal water/trash bill. (-$450 total)

Retirement accounts: (-$8,535)

OK, it was a tough month for our investments.

We took out a $20K loan from our 401K account.  Not my favorite way to finance a property, but I think the opportunity was great enough to take a little bit of a risk.

During the month we added to our position in Disney @111.09.  I think now is a good time to pick up some Disney shares as I think the next Star Wars movie will be a huge success.

Oct. was really a rough month for our largest mutual fund position, Sequia (SEQUX). (-9%)  The fund has done well since we bought it 4 years ago, but it had way too much of its assets in Valeant. (almost 1/3).  I may sell some of it this week, I still like the fund for the long term, it has a very long track record of beating the S&P, but it might be prudent to get out of the fund for the next few months while they liquidate their position in Valeant,

Liabilities: (-$19,179)

We paid off our 401K loan last month, and unfortunately took out another one this month with the intent of using it for a down payment on our next property. (-$19,872.)  Our goal is to pay off our 401K loan by Apr or May of 2016.

The pay-down on our mortgages will continue to be about $700/month over the course of the year.