Net Worth 2016-01

Total Net Worth in January: $304,882 (-$21,727)

January was one of our worst months in years from a ‘Net Worth ‘ perspective.  The stock market was terrible, we had moving expenses and additional rehab expenses.

Assets: +$0

No change in this area.

We continue to take a conservative view of property price appreciation, and have made no changes to the listed values of our real estate holdings.

I did a back of the napkin calculation.  We likely have our 3 properties listed as much as $100-110K less than they are worth.  Duplex $20-25K light, Old House $60-70K light, New House $20K+ light.

I don’t update the properties because of the difficulties of identifying market value without selling them and we aren’t in the market to sell.  Plus there is a lot of transaction costs to buy or sell a property.


Net Cash Accounts: (-$4,196)

Our cash balances were down this month as we paid about $15,000 towards house remodeling expenses, Plus a couple thousand more went to moving expenses.  We offset this by taking on a $10,000 personal loan.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: (-$2,492)

We were negative this month as we spent money to get our old place ready for rent.  We bought a dish washer, paid for a make ready cleaning etc, replaced some hardware like door locks, towel racks etc.

Unless we have something unexpected happen, I would expect this area to be a lot more positive over the next few months.

Retirement accounts: (-$6,113)

Its been a tough few weeks, our contributions have been offset by continued losses in the market.  Not much is going well.

We bought some more Disney, and in our 401K account we move some money (5% of the total) from cash into mutual funds.  If we get down 20% off of the highs, we will move another 5% of cash into the market.

I know the market will return, and we try to be counter cyclical to the market, ie move money in a disciplined way out of cash and into the market when the market is doing poorly, and trim a bit of our high fliers/winners in an up market.

Liabilities: (-$9,195)

Ok….Not happy with this one.  We had a cost overrun with our rehab projects.  Honestly it was on us, during construction we found additional things and chose to get the house into a live-able condition before we moved in, we ran over and decided to take out a short term personal loan (3 yr, $10K).

I think taking out the loan was the right thing to do, and overall we have added a lot of equity to this house.  We have a couple of additional things left to do, one of our bathrooms is only roughed in.  We need to install tile throughout, install fixtures and add a vanity/countertop.  In addition we need to install new flooring.

Our 2016 goal is STILL to reduce this category  in 2016.  I hope we can have this personal loan and 401K loan paid off this year (assuming we can get our old house rented).  I will be really disappointed if we dont make some real headway in Feb in paying things down.