About Me

Welcome to my blog on personal finance.  The goal is to track our progress on a monthly basis as my wife and I invest, save and give to have a fulfilling life now and on into retirement. By writing, I hope to continue to learn about personal finance/real estate and to use the blog as an accountability partner.

I have tracked my (and then after we were married, ‘our’) finances in Quicken since 2007 and have found a huge improvement in net worth since doing so.  I will start with recent monthly Net Worth updates, and over time will go back in time to post some additional history.

Over the last couple of years my wife and I  have bought two properties, a duplex that we now rent out and a house.  In the future we would like to do a lot more with real estate with the goal of having a portfolio of properties that cash flows a healthy income in retirement.  Hopefully in the future I can get some discussion going about real estate and investing on this blog.

I have a degree in Engineering with an MBA, and I work in Finance, so I am pretty sure I am the nerd in the family

My wife just recently got thru school and recently started a job.  Hopefully now with two incomes we can make some progress in getting kids thru college while simultaneously saving for retirement.

Our investing style is somewhat conservative, we will invest in the market in a low turnover, diversified manner.

I hope to hear your input and hope you will come back on a regular basis.

Thanks for reading.

George H. Puck

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