Net Worth

Latest Net Worth as of May 2016 : $424,163 ($5,685) over last month

To calculate net worth I have broken down our categories into groups that make sense from a tracking perspective.


Our assets include two vehicles, both paid off.  Every few month we will update them with the latest Kelley blue book values.

In addition we have a duplex and two houses (One we live in) whose values are updated a couple of times a year.

Net cash Accounts

The net of all of our emergency funds, savings accounts (Including HSA and FSA), checking accounts, credit card balances except for those we use for our rental property.

Net cash Rental Accounts

In this grouping we have dedicated checking, savings and credit card (paid off every month) accounts used exclusively for our rental.  In addition we have liabilities booked for the return of damage deposits.

Retirement accounts:

Includes all of our IRAs & 401k’s,


Includes our 401K loan (used to purchase one of our properties), and 4 mortgages.  A first and second note on our rental house, a single mortgage on our duplex, and a mortgage on our current house.


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