Net Worth 2015-11

Total Net Worth in November: $338,432 (+$21,147)

It was a great month, ok maybe I am a little biased, we closed on a new house in November.  We broke thru the $330K mark for the first time.

Assets: ($760,530) +$205,000

We added a new house this month.  Our intent is to move in (after we do some improvements), and then lease out our last property.  I am assigning a reasonably aggressive number to the value as $205K is more than we paid.  (But less than our real estate agents estimate).

Otherwise we are taking a conservative view of property price appreciation, we made no changes to the listed values of our other real estate holdings.  The value we have listed for all of our properties combined is conservative.

We used the same KBB values on our vehicles as last month.

Net Cash Accounts: (-$9,255)

This section contains the balances of all of our cash accounts outside of our rental property.  Emergency funds, banking, savings accounts, HSA, FSA and credit cards. We pay the credit cards off in full every month, but the balances obviously change from month to month.

Our cash balances went down due to closing on our house.  This was offset by increased savings.  I expect it will down more in December as we pay for some home improvements on the new place we bought.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: (-$1,426)

Cash for our rentals was down this month.  We spent some money to buy some demo tools to take down a wall and bought some locks, air filters and other misc items, In addition we paid for pest control and water/trash.

Retirement accounts: (-$144)

Its been a tough few weeks, our contributions have been offset by some very bad losses in KMI.

I still have a lot of long term faith in Rich Kinder (CEO of KMI), even after they cut the dividend.  I think it is a broken stock not a broken company.  And having traded in the midwest, I know NGPL, and why it is an excellent pipeline and key to the midwest. Especially as coal plants continue to be shut down and replaced with natural gas.

I have been very wrong so far, but we will stick it out.

Liabilities: (-$173,030)

The negative is entirely due to the addition of a home loan.


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