Net Worth 2016-02

Total Net Worth in February: $313,826 ($8,943)

February was a solid month.  The stock market particularly KMI rebounded, and we didnt have a ton of major expenses.

Assets: +$0

We continue to take a conservative view of property price appreciation, and have made no changes to the listed values of our real estate holdings.

I haven’t typically updated the value of the properties.  But I think going forward I will update our assets a couple of times a year and will probably do a full update next month.

Net Cash Accounts: (-$1,168)

Our cash balances were down slightly.  We did a lot better on spending and our credit card balances (which we pay off in full every month) were down $1,000.  Our checking account was down $2,500 as we made an extra payment to our personal loan.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: ($476)

We were slightly positive on our rental accounts even though we continued to spend money getting our house ready to rent.  Great news, we have new tenants that have signed a lease and will be moving into our house in March.

Hopefully with both rentals fully leased, we can see some improvement in this area over the next few months.

Retirement accounts: ($4,300)

The month was solid, KMI, knock on wood seems be turning the corner and rebounded from $15/share back to $18.52.   I still like the company for the long run, it has fantastic assets but its been tough to hang in there over the last year or so.

During the month, we moved about 1/4 of the cash in our 401K account into our other funds.  The market seemed oversold and each time we get a 10% pullback I try to move money from cash into equities.  In addition I turned off new contributions to the Vanguard Healthcare fund.  The Healthcare fund has been a huge winner over the last few years, but I believe this fund is at risk from being targeted in this political cycle.  Pharmaceutical companies  could be challenged for a while.  I don’t plan on selling anything in the fund, but its time to put contributions in other places. (Value, S&P, Small Cap)

Liabilities: ($5,335)

This was a much better month.  We were able to pay down our personal loan by $4,239 in Feb.  Hopefully we can have it paid off in March or at the latest in April.

The remaining improvement (approx +1,100) was just due to regular amortization on our other loans.

How did you do in Feb?


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