Net Worth 2016-04

Total Net Worth in April: $418,478 (+$13,089) – Incredibly satisfied

April was was a great month.  I received my annual bonus at work.

During the month we broke the $410K barrier for the first time, and almost hit the $420 barrier.

Assets: +835,798 – No Change

We made no changes to our assets this month.

As I have mentioned before, real estate valuations are very subjective, and I don’t want to get into monthly updates since places like Zillow are so volatile. I plan on making a couple of updates a year, and the value listed is conservative and would hopefully approximate the cash net we would take home after a sale.

Net Cash Accounts: (+$6,815) –Very satisfied

Our cash balances were up a couple of thousand dollars, and we were pretty good about our spending after having overspent in March.  So our credit card balances (paid in full every month) were lowered by just under five thousand dollars.

My guess is our cash accounts will remain flat or go down from here as we focus in on paying down our loans.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: +$1,055 – Satisfied

We were up this month on our rentals.  We had a solid month in April, few if any expenses, and we were paid for a non-refundable pet deposit +250.

Retirement accounts: +$2,116 – Somewhat unsatisfied

We made an extra payment of $2K to our 401K loan, and we made our normal 401K contributions.

So if you take those things out, our actual investments were slightly negative in April.

Just need to continue investing, and to continue increasing our contributions over time.

Liabilities: -$624,707 (+$3,100)  – Satisfied

A solid month in April , we paid an extra $2K on our 401K loan and had our normal $1,000 pay down on our mortgages.


How did you do in April?