Net Worth 2016-06

Total Net Worth in Jun: $437,216 (+$13,053) – Satisfied, it was a great month!!

June was a great month.We sold our duplex, and my conservative numbers had the value a little understated. So there was a small windfall from that.

We broke thru the $430K level for the first time and have been fortunate enough to be on a 5 month string of those milestones.

Assets: (-$341,078) Big Change!!!

We sold our duplex for $380,000.  I had the value (with sales costs factored in) at $340K.  So not a bad estimate by the time you pay a realtor and other closing costs.

I updated the value of our vehicles.  Ironically the ‘SUV’ value went up according to KBB, so I left it the same as before.  The value of the car was reduced by $1,078.

Net Cash Accounts: +$95,388 –Very Satisfied!!!

Depositing the proceeds from our duplex played a big part in this area going up.  With another $500 added across the rest of our checking and savings accounts.

Next month it will be a different story as we close (knock on wood) on a new property.

Net Cash Rental Accounts: +$21,705 – Satisfied

We split our proceeds from the duplex sale across several accounts.  We put some money into our emergency fund savings account /fund to pay the income taxes we will incur from the sale.  In addition we paid off our 401K loan and then added some liquidity to our rental accounts.

Frankly we didn’t have enough money in our rental property accounts, and it was a good time to increase that cushion.

Plus assuming that our next purchase goes thru, we will be spending some money to fix it up.

Retirement accounts: +$1,157 – Neither satisfied or unsatisfied

It wasn’t a terrible month, but it could have been better.  Our main IRA account was down a little, all the rest of our accounts were up a little.

We should be up in July, our 401K loan was paid in full during June, but the check didn’t clear back into the investment account in time to make this month’s report.

In addition we have raised our contributions to our 401K’s. Hopefully by next year we can begin to get our 401K accounts maxed out.  We have a little ways to go, but these increases should be a good first step.

Liabilities: -$385,703 (+$235,882)  – Incredibly satisfied.

We knocked off $235K of debt.  $220K of the $235K came from paying off the mortgage on our duplex.

In addition our liabilities were reduced as we paid off our 401K loan. At the time we took it out, I said it bothered me, but that I thought the property we bought would be a good investment, and that we were determined to pay the loan off quickly.  And we have, in less than a year.

I expect our liabilities to go back up a bit in July as we hopefully close on a new investment property.


How did you do in Jun?